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Did the course a while back and trading full time now. Ive had support all the way from starting as a newbie to been a successful full time trader. After I did the course which covered everything you need to know. Ive been back many times to see Shaun and he helped me tweak my trading plan and review my work. All the hate and people shouting scam is sad because these people clearly don't know shaun or natt there just keyboard warriors. As far as... Read more

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This is Private Banker FX, I would like to lay the cards out here on the table. I have known Shaun Powell several years & considered him a Friend. Introduced him to Professional charting software. & yes much of their original 2014 course content was written, created and belonged in some format to myself, original files on my PC's. Many of the screen shots and Sierra chart templates used were also mine. I would have been the only... Read more

Was this review helpful? 20 0 So I've been informed of this *** blog making ridicules claims. So Im here as a fan and a follower to Astrofx who have helped me change my trading along with my two friends whom have taken their course. In years of being in the forex business I've yet to see any company or teaching firm release photos and names of their students along with full testimonials, AstroFX... Read more

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These guys took my £5,000 and promised il learn consistently they have blocked me on skype after they "taught" me. And they blew my account I won't recommend them. These guys will take your money at their own advantage and use it against you!!! Shaun especially will not reply if I require help or assistance they blocked me on all their social media so I couldn't show how much of a BS company they are!! The cars are rental. If you need a course I... Read more

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I like many others was duped into buying into the 3 day Forex training event, which was sold to me by the dubious traders Aman Natt and Shaun Powell in Birmingham. I paid exactly £3000 of my inheritance hoping to make much more after reading about these guys however unfortunately I lost circa £27000 in 5 days to these jokers! The event is poor and they show you the basics of trading which anyone can source from the internet, so PLEASE PLEASE do... Read more

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I find it suspicious that there's 2 posts claiming to have lost £2000 and £2500, but both use the same language... "after xyz sold me on..." and "displays of wealth such as... ". Look at the two posts and you'll see the similarities for yourselves. Imo these two claims are written by the same person. I sat on the course with FTC (Forex Trading Club), run at the time by a guy called 'Blake'. The course was a total rip off, him and his brother... Read more

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Aman Natt sold me on his Forex training course for over £2500 , using displays of wealth such as Luxury Watches and Expensive sports cars as examples of their own success. WARNING TO OTHERS......they are simply selling a get rich scheme and are preying on those who are gullible. They are preying on the natural human instinct of which is to get a lot for little with ease. This *** is unethical so please do not fall for it as i did. Lost 2.5k... Read more

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Firstly i must say im surprised at the accusations made by others on this site which is what made me post on this as i feel it unfair after the service i have received. Now I personally am a part time trader and have been for many years as my confidence in my knowledge of the market had always been very limited which stopped me from making the full transition to leave my job and trade "full time". I have taken quite a few courses before... Read more

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  • Dec 19, 2014
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These guys are not following fca regulations and they have many accounts which are not bing live traded y not. They are giving information which I'd freely available on the net

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Here is recent proof...i was caught out, please can the administrator remove this post.... I lied at the start... I sincerely felt threatened by these guys, i will return to my part time job at bennets hill bar work... Sorry. I lied, and have left many people unsatissfied... Contact me personally for course refunds.. @forexinstructor Read more

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